Cloud Computing: The Platform Of Innovation

Cloud computing has revolutionized the IT infrastructure of countless businesses around America and the world, and it doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. As a quick reminder, cloud computing is the process of using a network of remote servers, like the ones provided by Google, instead of a local server or personal computer, to…Continue Reading


The Best Ways To Help Your Small Business Prevent A Data Breach

It was only fifty years ago that the biggest threat to a business was an upside down economy, but today’s businesses face threats from every angle, regardless of the state of the economy, due to the overwhelming need for technology in the modern business structure. While this technology serves a number of critical purposes to…Continue Reading


The Network Security Trends Ruling 2016

In a world ruled by interconnectivity, security is the key to everything. From credit card charges and personal information to document storage, companies large and small are utterly reliant upon network security that will keep the business running and out of the hands of criminals. We are nearly halfway through 2016 already, so this year’s…Continue Reading


The Technology Nightmares That Occur Without Managed IT Services

We live in a do-it-yourself world, where Pinterest and the DIY Network offer inspiration to help people complete projects on their own to save money and enjoy the reward of appreciating the true value of an accomplishment. But when it comes to information and technology in a business, DIY really isn’t the way to go….Continue Reading


Learn How To Identify Tech Support Scams

If there’s one thing that’s been proven in the tech world, it’s that scammers will stop at nothing to deceive and manipulate innocent computer users. One of the more recent scams comes from an unexpected source: the telephone. Learn to recognize suspicious scamming behavior so that you can protect your resources. Scamming: What and Why?…Continue Reading


How Should You Choose A Web Host?

If you are ready to build a website or eager to make some positive changes to your existing website, a professional web host could be exactly what you need. But first you need to understand exactly what a web host is, why you need one, and how you should choose a host that is reliable!…Continue Reading


Introducing Mac Ransomware

If the term “ransomware” makes you think of kidnappings and money exchanges, your brain is on the right track. Until now, ransomware has existed and caused havoc only on PC computers, but Apple users might now have something to worry about. A Quick Guide to Ransomware True to its name, ransomware is a prevalent and…Continue Reading


Cloud Security: Myth Vs Reality

As cloud technology continues to expand and work its way into every business environment, workers and IT professionals are trying to distinguish between the fact and fiction regarding cloud security. There are plenty of myths that, despite holding no truth, have scared companies into changing their order of operations. A Quick Summary of the Cloud…Continue Reading


How Is BYOD Changing The Workplace?

Chances are you’re familiar with the acronym BYOB, but what about BYOD? Bring Your Own Device is a new trend impacting workplaces all around the country. History of BYOD Technology is evolving at light speed, and it’s not always possible for companies to maintain the newest and most efficient technology devices. With new phones, iPads,…Continue Reading


How Small And Medium Businesses Are Joining The Cloud

A major change has occurred between 2011 and 2016: small and medium-sized businesses are joining the ranks of the millions of businesses already using the Cloud for business storage and data protection. Before 2011, a very small number of small businesses utilized the incredible potential of the cloud, but over the last few years an…Continue Reading

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