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7 Ways to Protect Your Business from Security Risks

Cybersecurity was once thought to be a threat only larger and more well-known companies needed to be concerned with. Cyber criminals primarily targeted these larger entities, in part, because of their implied deeper pockets. There is also a certain level of prestige for some vanity-driven hackers when causing business disruption to a large brand. Lately,…Continue Reading

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10 Reasons Why Your Company’s a Hacker’s Dream

In the beginning days of cyber crime, it was the large companies with deep pockets that the criminals targeted. That is no longer the case. In fact, they prefer companies that have valuable data and little security. Are you that company? While predicting cyber attacks are like predicting lightning strikes, it is possible to understand…Continue Reading

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Top 3 Worst Computer Viruses Ever Created

What makes a computer virus particularly awful? The most obvious point is how destructive it is from a dollar perspective. But it doesn’t matter how destructive it is if it isn’t convincing enough to get people infected. We’ve compiled a list of the worst computer viruses ever created – taking into account the damage they…Continue Reading

8 ways to avoid being hacked when traveling business man on plan typing on laptop

8 Ways to Avoid Being Hacked when Traveling

Being hacked is a concern for most of us nowadays. You can’t skim a newspaper without seeing some security breach, not to mention it was a major point of contention during election time. Were elections at risk from foreign hackers? Were emails read? We’ll save the political arguments for another time, but data security is…Continue Reading

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5 Tips to Prevent Phishing Scams from Infecting Your Business

Phishing scams are making the news again. This time a very believable scam targets Google users. If you think you know everything about protecting yourself, be aware that many tech savvy users were duped on this one. Here’s how they did it and how you can protect your business and employees. What is a Phishing…Continue Reading

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10 Ways to Secure Your Data and Prevent Hacking

Let’s face it, our lives are online nowadays. Whether it’s business information, bank accounts, bill pay, our car, our smart house, or any number of activities we complete online, just being on the Interwebs makes us all vulnerable to hacking. But there are ways you can avoid getting hacked, and whether you’re “techy” or not,…Continue Reading

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Stay Protected: What You Need to Know About Viruses, Phishing and Spam

Viruses, phishing scams, and spam are annoying on your personal computer. They can tap into your contacts, siphon off important information from bank accounts and credit card numbers, and be downright embarrassing when “you” email everyone you know about discount sunglasses or a bank account in the West Indies. But annoying quickly turns to catastrophe…Continue Reading

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6 Easily Missed Signs You’ve Been Hacked

Do you think you’ve been hacked? How do you know? Here are a few of the often overlooked indicators that your system’s been compromised. Hollywood would have us believe that the moment our computers are hacked the whole network goes down, the lights go off, and a frightful cartoon image appears on our monitor. Unfortunately,…Continue Reading

why server maintenance is one of the best investments for your company man working on server

Why Server Maintenance Is One of the Best Investments for Your Company

Have you ever noticed what happens to a home that’s left vacant? Weeds grow. Dust accumulates. Unwanted pests move in. The roof will eventually leak and give way. The same can be said for your company’s servers if you’re not giving them the necessary regular server maintenance they require. The negatives of skipping regular server…Continue Reading

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Online Extortion: How Much Can Ransomware Cost Your Company?

You insure your company against loss. You license your company so as to protect your personal assets. You even pay into a system that protects your workers. Yet if you’re not protecting your company and educating your employees about the dangers of ransomware, you could be placing its very existence at risk. It’s estimated that…Continue Reading

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