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Stay Protected: What You Need to Know About Viruses, Phishing and Spam

Viruses, phishing scams, and spam are annoying on your personal computer. They can tap into your contacts, siphon off important information from bank accounts and credit card numbers, and be downright embarrassing when “you” email everyone you know about discount sunglasses or a bank account in the West Indies. But annoying quickly turns to catastrophe…Continue Reading

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6 Easily Missed Signs You’ve Been Hacked

Do you think you’ve been hacked? How do you know? Here are a few of the often overlooked indicators that your system’s been compromised. Hollywood would have us believe that the moment our computers are hacked the whole network goes down, the lights go off, and a frightful cartoon image appears on our monitor. Unfortunately,…Continue Reading

why server maintenance is one of the best investments for your company man working on server

Why Server Maintenance Is One of the Best Investments for Your Company

Have you ever noticed what happens to a home that’s left vacant? Weeds grow. Dust accumulates. Unwanted pests move in. The roof will eventually leak and give way. The same can be said for your company’s servers if you’re not giving them the necessary regular server maintenance they require. The negatives of skipping regular server…Continue Reading

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Online Extortion: How Much Can Ransomware Cost Your Company?

You insure your company against loss. You license your company so as to protect your personal assets. You even pay into a system that protects your workers. Yet if you’re not protecting your company and educating your employees about the dangers of ransomware, you could be placing its very existence at risk. It’s estimated that…Continue Reading

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5 Ways Outsourcing Your Managed IT Services Saves Money

Why do your clients hire you? It’s probably because you can do something for them they can’t do for themselves or you do it better than they can do it. Your goods or services are a greater value to them than having to invest in creating it themselves. A quality Managed Service Provider the same…Continue Reading

Image of a user who is a victim of ransomware

6 Signs You’re A Victim Of Ransomware

One of the most disturbing things about viruses and malware (aside from getting them) is that often they are working behind the scenes, infecting and extracting data before you even realize something’s wrong. While that may be true initially of ransomware as it encrypts your files, the point of ransomware is to extort money from…Continue Reading

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Top 4 Antivirus And Malware Software Your Company Can’t Do Without

Most Internet providers offer virus protection. But is it enough? Chances are your business is not adequately protected. The good news is it doesn’t take thousands of dollars to make sure your data isn’t at risk. It just takes some good, reliable virus and malware protection. Before we get into the details of what makes…Continue Reading

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3 Business Catastrophes That Can Strike When You Don’t Update Software

It’s so tempting when you see those annoying messages pop-up about installing software and running updates and the inevitable restart that follows, to ignore them and “X” out of them. Who wants to spend five or more minutes waiting for everything to come back up? No one. But those five or more minutes can be…Continue Reading


A Managed IT Solution For Small Business

There comes a point in every businesses life when they need a computer guy. An IT specialist to set up a network, maintain computers or install programs for the staff. If they can get away with it, they will add the IT duties on to a current employee and expect them to take on those…Continue Reading

Image of ransomware affecting a computer

What Is Ransomware And How Can It Affect Your Company?

In August, a new version of ransomware hit the Internet. Discovered by Jakub Kroustek at AVG Technologies, this one is exceptionally worrisome as it masquerades as a Windows update. It even sports a phoney Microsoft 2016 copyright. When you install it, instead of installing Microsoft files as it claims, it encrypts all of your files,…Continue Reading

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