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Let’s face it. Bad guys are out there. Whether internal or external, the threat is real and constant. That’s why our methodology is based on a layered approach. Each network security layer is specifically designed to identify certain threats, (appliance, application, alerting, and event mitigation). Combined, the layers work together, correlate data, and identify a much broader base of threats to reduce your overall exposure risk. It gets better. When you engage in a holistic network security awareness program, you further reduce risk and vulnerabilities. This includes staff education, detection and alerting systems, endpoint and protection software, edge appliances, and validation processes that periodically (or in real-time) test network attached devices, user access, domain security best practices, and known vulnerabilities. As your network security consultant, our goal isn’t only to protect you and your data, it’s to educate you and your team so you can minimize your risk wherever you are.

Identifying the Threats

When you choose us to be your information security consultant, we start with a network vulnerability assessment to identify network devices, domain configuration, end-user real time utilization, associated risks. This allows us to map against known vulnerabilities with network security best practice recommendations. The assessment provides the “good and bad” about your network security posture and develops a roadmap to resolve or mitigate identified threats. If you are required to perform an annual audited Penetration Test, our vulnerability assessment service is a recommended audit preparation solution to assist with identifying and mitigating risks prior to your annual audit.

  • Vulnerability assessments, one-time, quarterly, and real-time monitoring and detection.
  • Firewall management, alerting, change control and reporting
  • Intrusion detection systems (IDS) and intrusion prevention systems (IPS)
  • End-point advanced thread detection
  • Email Security, encryption, archiving, and compliance, Windows® security event logging and alerting
  • Cloud-hosted threat detection, sandbox protection, mitigation and redundancy
  • Microsoft® Windows® systems security, critical and third-party application patching services
  • Mobile device management (MDM), compliance and configuration
  • Data loss prevention, data backup and recovery services with off-site storage

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