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Ransomware Removal Services

Ransomware recovery involves restoring data encrypted by ransomware. Each case is a unique process that depends on the type of ransomware.

Decryption keys exist for some types of attacks, but for others, we must assess your systems to determine a safe and cost-effective way to recover your data. While we assess your systems, the team at CIO Tech will isolate the affected systems to prevent malware from spreading to unaffected systems and further disrupting your business.

We will also analyze the attackers’ actions to discover what data the attackers may have stolen and identify any vulnerabilities that could result in another attack. Where needed, we will clean and rebuild servers and workstations to ensure they no longer contain malware and are safe to use.

We can also help you develop a mitigation plan to follow if a future attack occurs. Our goal is to minimize damage and return you to normal operations as quickly as possible.

Reasons You Need Ransomware Removal Services

The majority of businesses worldwide have experienced the effects of a ransomware attack. The healthcare industry is the most frequent target, followed by manufacturing, and government facilities.

Ransomware attacks can have serious consequences, such as higher mortality rates in healthcare facilities, supply chain disruptions, large financial losses, and the leakage of sensitive data. About one-third of attacks result in a ransom payment with an average value of $740,000, but of those who paid, only 41% of businesses regained access to their data.

In 2022 alone, attackers collected $457 million in payments. The emergence of Ransomware as a Service made it possible for less sophisticated actors to launch attacks, contributing to the rising threat.

Additionally, attackers exploited more than 29,000 common security vulnerabilities in 2023, with Microsoft Office being the most frequently exploited application. Ransomware encryption is difficult to break, and without expert ransomware remediation, most companies can’t recover their lost data.

Types of Ransomware Infections CIO Tech Can Remediate

The team at CIO Tech can help with any type of ransomware removal. These are some of the most commonly encountered ransomware attacks.



Akira was the most commonly encountered ransomware variant in 2023. Akira attacks resulted in an estimated $42 million in ransom payments.

Akira encrypts files with a .akira or .powerranges extension. Attackers commonly access the victim’s systems through a VPN service, Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP), spear phishing, or stolen credentials.

Once they gain access to the system, attackers often steal credentials and data. The program leaves a ransom note that directs victims to contact attackers via a .onion URL.

BlackCat and Black Basta

BlackCat and Black Basta were the second most common ransomware groups in 2023. These RaaS attacks first emerged in 2022, and attackers usually target U.S.-based businesses with phishing emails.

Once they get into the system, attackers encrypt the victim’s data, steal it, and then threaten to leak it on dark web marketplaces if the victim doesn’t pay the ransom. They may also steal passwords and install additional malware.


Lockbit 3.0

In 2023, Lockbit 3.0 was the third-most common ransomware variant. This software encrypts files and changes their names to a random mix of letters.

It also changes the desktop wallpaper and adds a text file with the ransom note. This variant, which first emerged in 2022, typically spreads through phishing emails, torrent websites, and malicious ads.

Play Ransomware

Play ransomware was 2023’s fourth most common ransomware variant. Authorities first observed this attack in 2022.

Attackers encrypt data, steal it, and then instruct victims to contact them via email. Attackers usually gain access to systems by abusing valid accounts and exploiting public-facing applications, such as Microsoft Exchange.


Ransomware Removal FAQs

What Is Ransomware?

Ransomware is a malicious program that encrypts the victim’s data so that they can’t access it. Ransomware programs typically display a message to the user demanding payment, usually in the form of digital currency, to regain access to the encrypted data.

Ransomware infections occur when the victim opens an infected file. The most common sources of infection are exploited vulnerabilities, compromised credentials, malicious emails, and phishing.

Will Insurance Cover the Cost of Data Recovery?

Business insurance may cover some of the costs of data recovery after a ransomware attack. However, you may need to purchase specific cybersecurity insurance.

Cybersecurity insurance typically covers the ransom demand, business interruption expenses, cost of ransomware removal, cost of controlling damage to your reputation, digital forensics, replacement of hardware, data restoration, and the costs to prevent future attacks. However, most policies place limits on coverage, so it is still important to have ransomware protection, even if you have insurance.

Can I Recover My Data on My Own?

Dealing with ransomware is a complex process. Do-it-yourself solutions can make things worse and increase your chance of suffering a future attack.

If you spot signs of a ransomware attack on your systems, do not delete any files. It is important to preserve evidence for the authorities.

Do not turn off your device, but do remove it from your network immediately and contact CIO Tech to schedule ransomware recovery services. Document as much information about the attack as you can and consult with legal counsel and the relevant authorities.


Help With Ransomware Removal

CIO Tech provides expert help in the Tampa and St. Petersburg area with ransomware removal. From small business to large-scale enterprise data recovery, CIO Tech Ransomware Data Recovery Service in Tampa is your best choice for crucial file procurement. We have experience with many ransomware types and can help any size company.

CIO Tech understands the importance of quickly and efficiently resolving your ransomware issues. Find out how we can help you recover your data and get back to business. Contact us today for a ransomware evaluation.

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