Bay Area Pool Service Remains Intact After Easter Sunday Roof Collapse & Flooding

On one Easter Sunday, heavy rains tore through the roof and flooded the offices of Bay Area Pool Service. The subsequent damage to equipment and computers rendered this location technically inadequate. CIO Tech was quick to respond despite the fact that it was a Holiday.

We immediately created a temporary office at the affected location in order that Bay Area Pool Service may continue business until a new location could be established. Though a great deal of data was feared lost, CIO Tech was able to restore all of the information which allowed Bay Area Pool Service to then resume normal business operations.

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About Bay Area Pool Service

Bay Area Pool Service is the leading pool service company in Florida. BAP specializes in Florida swimming pool maintenance including pool chemical service, salt systems, pool cleaning, and are experts in Florida pool repair. We have been the choice for thousands of Tampa Bay area clients since 1952 and are now servicing a national client base with our Pool Troopers brand in Florida, Texas, Arizona & Nevada.
“We trust their judgment on all things technology and we trust them with our business.”
– Dave Hahmann

Deciding to Work with Trustworthy IT Company

According to Dave Hahmann, owner of Bay Area Pool Service, they had previously worked with an in-house IT manager. However, assigning one person the responsibility of handling all IT related issues for such a large company did not allow the business to grow as anticipated. Consequently, they opted to secure the services of a reputable IT company. Initially, the decision to hire CIO Tech was made in an effort to replace their in-house IT technician. This would prove to be a more efficient solution to managing their information, which increased their bottom line. Soon after, Bay Area Pool Service was so impressed by the knowledge and dedication of the CIO team, it was then quickly determined that CIO Tech would maintain all systems – resulting in positive growth for Bay Area Pool Service and a very successful relationship that continues to this day.
“Without CIO we wouldn’t be growing 18% per year and adding a new location every year.”
– Dave Hahmann

Bay Area Pool Service Continues to Increase Their Business
with CIO Tech

Since deciding to work with CIO Tech in 2011, Bay Area Pool Services has been able to grow their company and expand their locations. So much so that Pool Troopers has been created and expanded to a national client base including Florida, Texas, Arizona and Nevada.

Technology is an important factor in the day to day functions for Bay Area Pool Service. From operations to field work, their employees rely on fast, reliable service to provide great a great customer experience and complete any given task. Each business location is connected to CIO Tech for regular updates, maintenance and backups. Moreover, each employee’s device works with a customized system built specifically to meet the needs of Bay Area Pool Service and assist them in running efficiently and profitably.

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"CIO proactively takes care of all our IT needs, going above and beyond." Jim's story

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"When it comes to IT, I just want it to work. We trust their judgment on all things technology and we trust them with our business" Dave's story

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