USA4Sale Updates Infrastructure with CIO Tech at a Considerable Cost Savings

USA4Sale wanted to update their website to WordPress and overhaul their entire infrastructure, so they hired an on-staff developer to do the job. When it came time to update, they discovered that not only had their new developer chosen a colocation facility unsuited for their needs but the developer resigned to take a job with the very same colocation facility he had hired. In a bind, they reached out to CIO Tech to help them update their infrastructure, manage their costs and assist in creating seamless migration without downtime.

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About USA4Sale

USA4SALE is an online classified network founded in 1998 in a spare bedroom in Ocala, Florida., the flagship website, is a market leader in local online advertising and a winner of Editor & Publisher’s Eppy award for best classified website. USA4SALE publishes local classified marketplaces in Ocala, Gainesville, Lake City and The Villages.

“Our relationship with Craig was great from the start. The break we made felt very much like a covert operation. Jim and Craig drove up from Tampa meeting us and with a U-Haul; we arrived in Jacksonville at 8 am and called for access to our servers. We went in, tore everything down and loaded the hauler and left inside two hours before they could object. It was stealthy and exciting.”
– Luanne Warren

Not Having the Right IT Team Increased their Costs

The team at USA4Sale believed in the cloud, but ran into problems when trying to move their online classified websites. They were mislead by a developer who moved their files to a highly secure facility and then quit when it was time to complete the job. To add insult to injury, the developer hired a colocation facility which was too expensive and presented barriers to entry not found in other colocation facilities.

USA4Sale was now presented with added costs, services they did not need and downtime during migration which was unacceptable. They required an experienced IT company that could assist in creating a seamless migration and transition while cutting costs. Realizing they need to fix the problem at hand, they reached out to CIO Tech who was quick to respond.

They decided to hire CIO Tech because they were knowledgeable, courteous and were eager to assess the situation and provide a fix. CIO Tech clearly understood their needs and went above and beyond to ensure their problem was resolved quickly.

“From the start CIO has been a great partner for us. We live and breathe in the digital space with our network of classifieds. We needed a company that could adjust and adapt with us in the ever changing technical environment we call home. CIO has done that and more.”
– Luanne Warren

USA4Sale Saves Money with CIO Tech

Understanding their needs, CIO Tech developed a plan to set up USA4Sale’s entire infrastructure into their own cloud, allowing for an instant migration without disruption to USA4Sale’s business. To ensure the migration was successful, CIO Tech drove to the colocation facility and waited for notice to initiate migration. Once received, they were able to retrieved USA4Sale’s hardware which they inventoried and then prepared it for disposition and delivery.

Due to the hard work and tenacity of CIO Tech, USA4Sale has experienced 99.995% uptime in the last 5 years with no capital expenditures, unlimited scalability and at a considerable cost savings compared to managing their own environment.

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