Image of a user who is a victim of ransomware

6 Signs You’re A Victim Of Ransomware

One of the most disturbing things about viruses and malware (aside from getting them) is that often they are working behind the scenes, infecting and extracting data before you even realize something’s wrong. While that may be true initially of ransomware as it encrypts your files, the point of ransomware is to extort money from…Continue Reading

Image of ransomware affecting a computer

What Is Ransomware And How Can It Affect Your Company?

In August, a new version of ransomware hit the Internet. Discovered by Jakub Kroustek at AVG Technologies, this one is exceptionally worrisome as it masquerades as a Windows update. It even sports a phoney Microsoft 2016 copyright. When you install it, instead of installing Microsoft files as it claims, it encrypts all of your files,…Continue Reading


Introducing Mac Ransomware

If the term “ransomware” makes you think of kidnappings and money exchanges, your brain is on the right track. Until now, ransomware has existed and caused havoc only on PC computers, but Apple users might now have something to worry about. A Quick Guide to Ransomware True to its name, ransomware is a prevalent and…Continue Reading