Man in data center setting up virtualization

The Pros and Cons of Virtualization

Companies constantly look for new ways to boost efficiency, reduce costs, and improve scalability in today’s economic environment. Virtualization has emerged as a key technology that can help make all of those things possible when implemented correctly. Still trying to figure out if virtualization is the right approach for you? Let’s dig into the benefits…Continue Reading

Network Design

Network Design: A High-Level Overview

Most businesses rely on their networks to execute core business functions. Unplanned network downtime can cost businesses as much as $9,000 per minute.  Network design is one of the most critical factors determining your network’s vulnerability to unplanned downtime and other issues. This high-level overview will help you understand what to look for in a…Continue Reading

Financial Institutions and Cloud Computing

Securing critical data in the cloud during this wave of file-less cyber attacks can pose serious security risks when moving from a traditional enterprise data center into a cloud environment. Even in private clouds, financial organizations face intensified risks from having multiple data sets and applications sharing on the same physical services. Banks, credit unions…Continue Reading

Endpoint Detection – Your antivirus won’t catch everything

Does your organization have best practices for how to use technology which include installing patches, computer based training and pushing out anti-virus updates? Does your firm have a threat detection strategy? Perhaps your firm utilizes a layered security approach and because you have never experienced a breach you are at peace with the security of…Continue Reading

Why backing up your data is so important during hurricane season

Being located in Florida, we’re no strangers to hurricanes. Last year saw multiple storms pass by us with Irma being the largest of those. Hurricane season starts June 1st this year and we need to be ready since US forecasters predict that this year’s hurricanes will be worse than normal. The 2017 hurricane season alone…Continue Reading

What is “the cloud” and what does it do?

When we first think of “the cloud” we either think of those white, fluffy things we used to pretend were animals or the annoying message that pops up on our phones asking us to purchase more cloud space. But what really is it? You may not have any idea what it really is but the…Continue Reading


Financial Institutions Need This Hybrid Cloud Solution

If you finally thought you understand how cloud computing works, don’t let the term “hybrid” throw you off track. Hybrid cloud computing is the newest tech solution for companies looking to efficiently meet a variety of customer needs, which means it could very well be the cloud platform that your own business needs. An Introduction…Continue Reading


Cloud Computing: The Platform Of Innovation

Cloud computing has revolutionized the IT infrastructure of countless businesses around America and the world, and it doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. As a quick reminder, cloud computing is the process of using a network of remote servers, like the ones provided by Google, instead of a local server or personal computer, to…Continue Reading


Cloud Security: Myth Vs Reality

As cloud technology continues to expand and work its way into every business environment, workers and IT professionals are trying to distinguish between the fact and fiction regarding cloud security. There are plenty of myths that, despite holding no truth, have scared companies into changing their order of operations. A Quick Summary of the Cloud…Continue Reading


How Small And Medium Businesses Are Joining The Cloud

A major change has occurred between 2011 and 2016: small and medium-sized businesses are joining the ranks of the millions of businesses already using the Cloud for business storage and data protection. Before 2011, a very small number of small businesses utilized the incredible potential of the cloud, but over the last few years an…Continue Reading