How Small And Medium Businesses Are Joining The Cloud

A major change has occurred between 2011 and 2016: small and medium-sized businesses are joining the ranks of the millions of businesses already using the Cloud for business storage and data protection. Before 2011, a very small number of small businesses utilized the incredible potential of the cloud, but over the last few years an astonishing 52 percent have now incorporated cloud storage into their daily operations. Why the change?

Handy Mobile Access

Accessing business data on a mobile device allows for mobility and flexibility, qualities that are paramount to a successful small business. Rather than dealing with onsite storage systems that limit employees to working in the office, the Cloud supports access anywhere: on the road, at a conference, or even from the couch.

Not only is mobile access more convenient, but its impact leads to increased work efficiency. Colleagues can communicate and solve problems without office and time restrictions. This generates untethered creativity, quicker response times, and stronger productivity.

Backup and Recovery

We’ve all experienced the blue screen of doom when we realize all computer data has just been lost into the cyber world. Cloud storage has turned such awful computer mishaps into legends of the past. Cloud storage services provide data recovery and backup capabilities that are completely reliable.

Data Security

The security of cloud storage services trumps onsite IT equipment. Every small business has data to protect, from customer information to credit card numbers and company information. Cloud services offer protection that can prevent an accidental or purposeful breach.

According to Forbes, it’s estimated that nearly 80 percent of small businesses will adopt to the Cloud before the year 2020. The perks of using the cloud are impossible to ignore for long, proving that the cloud is hardly a trend, but rather a business strategy here for the long run.

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