How Is BYOD Changing The Workplace?

Chances are you’re familiar with the acronym BYOB, but what about BYOD? Bring Your Own Device is a new trend impacting workplaces all around the country.

History of BYOD

Technology is evolving at light speed, and it’s not always possible for companies to maintain the newest and most efficient technology devices. With new phones, iPads, and computers released regularly, it’s virtually impossible for companies to continually close the gap between workplace technology and marketplace advancement.

This problem was answered by the idea of “Bring Your Own.” Company employees were encouraged to work on any device of their choosing, but it didn’t become the “new normal” until 2013.

Benefits of BYOD

Most small businesses and enterprises that utilize a BYOD strategy report increased employee satisfaction since workers can utilize their favorite means of productivity. This leads to happier, more comfortable employees who are increasingly eager to contribute to their company. The reduced spending on hardware, software licensing, and device maintenance also scores considerable cost savings for the IT department.

Potential BYOD Downfalls

BYOD has the potential to propel businesses to success, but the strategy isn’t without its dangers. When personal devices are used, security measures become a major question mark. Exactly what data can employees access on their own devices?

This potential clash between convenience and security must be proactively managed by a company’s IT department. The money saved through reduced hardware and software might instead be replaced by integrating and supporting such a wide range of technology.

The Bottom Line

BYOD is here to stay, so IT departments and managers will find most success when they develop and implement policies that support such diversity. This is where Managed IT services can save the day with their expertise. With their support, any company can get up and running on a BYOD platform.

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