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5 Ways Outsourcing Your Managed IT Services Saves Money

Why do your clients hire you? It’s probably because you can do something for them they can’t do for themselves or you do it better than they can do it. Your goods or services are a greater value to them than having to invest in creating it themselves.

A quality Managed Service Provider the same but many small businesses worry they don’t have the budget to outsource. So instead they muddle along with a woefully underprepared tech department or they simply go without. But you don’t have to. You can outsource your managed IT services for less than you probably think, saving time and money.

5 Ways to Save Money with Managed IT Services

    1. Control Costs

Outsourcing managed services switches your fixed IT costs to variable costs, which helps you budget in a much more effective way — ramping up when you need it and scaling back when you need only basic security measures and backups.

    1. Eliminate On-Going Training Costs

In addition to salary (the average salary of an IT director is $150,000) and benefits costs (about $24,000 per employee) of keeping an IT professional on staff, there are costs behind professional development for a position that deals with ever-changing technology. Professional development in this area is a necessity not just luxury. These certification costs could equate to $5-10k a head a year depending on specialty. When you select a managed IT services firm, this professional development is absorbed by them, not you.

    1. Know Your Market

In the Tampa area, qualified IT professionals are hard to come by. There are more IT services positions than there are IT employees. That means your company will pay top dollar for an impressive skill set or you’ll have to settle. If you choose to outsource your managed IT benefits, that cost is ours, not yours.

    1. Less Stagnation

When you have an IT department they become very skilled in knowing how to address your IT needs, but this can also lead to stagnation as they are only exposed to how one company is running their IT services. When you outsource your managed IT services you have the benefit of working with a company that has a broad, in-depth knowledge of best practices.

    1. More Time

General upkeep on IT equipment, software, and security patches takes a lot of time. This can cost your business overtime for personnel or may delay your ability to conduct certain IT projects because of everyday maintenance and cyber security issues. Yet, you can’t go without these things. Outsourcing your managed IT services, frees up your team for other projects and ensures your risks are minimized. If you think applying patches takes a lot of time, wait until you have to restore or re-enter valuable company data. Not to mention the time it takes to restore your reputation after a cyber security issue or hack.

If you’re ready to save time and money, contact one of the best companies in Tampa managed IT services. Call CIO Tech today at 813-649-7762 and find out more about how we can solve your IT problems without harming your budget.

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