The Difference Between Break-Fix And Managed IT Services

As computer network technology expands and becomes more complex, the need for specialized technical support for computer systems increases. Information Technology (IT) is a rapidly expanding field that has gone from the hands of amateurs turned professional into a multi-billion dollar industry.

Many of the early computer networks were set up by amateurs. They networks using an organic model – when the need arose for a piece to be added, it was and the network was adapted to make it work – and, now, when a problem arises in the network technicians use the break-fix model to solve issues. Break-fix means that problems with the network can’t be fixed – or, many times, detected – until it breaks. It’s like not being able to tell if your car is running low on gas until it stops.

As long as networks remained small, break-fix was a viable solution to IT needs, but as networks became larger and more complex a new solution was needed. Instead of waiting for a problem to arise and calling someone to fix it, managed IT services maintains and runs a network. By observing the network on an ongoing basis, managed IT services can detect and solve problems before they become severe enough to stop a network.

Usually, when someone refers to a managed service they talk about outsourcing the IT from the host company. Although that is correct, it isn’t about outsourcing. It is about monitoring and maintaining your network to prevent and correct problems before they become broken.

Managed IT service companies have the staff and expertise to keep your company running smoothly. From small businesses to mid-sizes corporations, having a dedicated managed IT service company is an affordable solution to hiring and training your own IT staff.

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