Safety In The Cloud: The Security Benefits Of Using Cloud Computing

Contrary to popular public opinion, cloud computing can actually be far more secure than the locally managed systems, especially when it comes to the small and medium size enterprises. Here’s just some of the important security benefits of using Cloud computing for your business.

Cloud Computing – The Benefits

Multifactor authentication – Many Cloud computing vendors provide multifactor authentication. It’s a far more secure form of authentication than simply relying on a password and unique username for each employee. Instead, multifactor authentication combines a password with a biometric (which is something you are) and also a hard token (something you have). Generally speaking, most small and medium-size companies don’t usually have the money or time to implement such authentication systems on their own.

Better security – It is imperative for the Cloud vendors to provide the best possible security if they want to succeed. So you know they’ve got your best interests at heart, as their survival relies upon it! Rather simply addressing generic threats, as a typical in-house security system would do, cloud vendors focus on protecting the most important thing of all; which is your online data.

Professional management – Switching to Cloud to store your data means that you’ll automatically enjoy the services of trained professionals. They’ll manage the patch updates and keep the server up-to-date. This is cost-effective, as you won’t need to keep a full-time network professional on your payroll.

Enterprise hardware at a competitive price – When you use cloud computing, your data gets stored on enterprise grade hardware, which is incredibly expensive, and thus unaffordable for most SMEs. With cloud computing, you’ll be receiving an instant upgrade of your data storage hardware to much safer equipment.

Involvement of data guards – Companies that offer cloud computing services normally provide something that small businesses cannot afford easily: an actual security guard. Since your data stored at the data center will be guarded round-the-clock by physical security guards, it’ll be watched with an eagle-eye, and will be kept more secure.

Cloud Computing for Your Business

Cloud computing offers a huge amount of benefits, especially when compared to standard office security software or installing your own server. If you’d like to find out more about cloud computing for your business, get in touch with CIO Tech today by calling 813 649 7762.

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