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The Importance of Network Security for Small Businesses

Small businesses are easy targets for hackers and cyber criminals for a very obvious reason. They often have valuable data with very few safeguards. If you are a small business owner, here is what you need to know about cybersecurity and why investing in it is one of the most important investments you can make…Continue Reading

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10 Reasons Why Your Company’s a Hacker’s Dream

In the beginning days of cyber crime, it was the large companies with deep pockets that the criminals targeted. That is no longer the case. In fact, they prefer companies that have valuable data and little security. Are you that company? While predicting cyber attacks are like predicting lightning strikes, it is possible to understand…Continue Reading

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Top 3 Worst Computer Viruses Ever Created

What makes a computer virus particularly awful? The most obvious point is how destructive it is from a dollar perspective. But it doesn’t matter how destructive it is if it isn’t convincing enough to get people infected. We’ve compiled a list of the worst computer viruses ever created – taking into account the damage they…Continue Reading

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3 Business Catastrophes That Can Strike When You Don’t Update Software

It’s so tempting when you see those annoying messages pop-up about installing software and running updates and the inevitable restart that follows, to ignore them and “X” out of them. Who wants to spend five or more minutes waiting for everything to come back up? No one. But those five or more minutes can be…Continue Reading


Financial Institutions Need This Hybrid Cloud Solution

If you finally thought you understand how cloud computing works, don’t let the term “hybrid” throw you off track. Hybrid cloud computing is the newest tech solution for companies looking to efficiently meet a variety of customer needs, which means it could very well be the cloud platform that your own business needs. An Introduction…Continue Reading


The Best Ways To Help Your Small Business Prevent A Data Breach

It was only fifty years ago that the biggest threat to a business was an upside down economy, but today’s businesses face threats from every angle, regardless of the state of the economy, due to the overwhelming need for technology in the modern business structure. While this technology serves a number of critical purposes to…Continue Reading


The Network Security Trends Ruling 2016

In a world ruled by interconnectivity, security is the key to everything. From credit card charges and personal information to document storage, companies large and small are utterly reliant upon network security that will keep the business running and out of the hands of criminals. We are nearly halfway through 2016 already, so this year’s…Continue Reading


How Is BYOD Changing The Workplace?

Chances are you’re familiar with the acronym BYOB, but what about BYOD? Bring Your Own Device is a new trend impacting workplaces all around the country. History of BYOD Technology is evolving at light speed, and it’s not always possible for companies to maintain the newest and most efficient technology devices. With new phones, iPads,…Continue Reading