The Network Security Trends Ruling 2016

In a world ruled by interconnectivity, security is the key to everything. From credit card charges and personal information to document storage, companies large and small are utterly reliant upon network security that will keep the business running and out of the hands of criminals. We are nearly halfway through 2016 already, so this year’s trends are becoming obvious and well-established. The trends are screaming for all businesses to transfer network security into the realm of managed IT services. It’s where the future is headed, so get there now, in plenty of time.

Don’t Lock In

Remember when cell phone carriers required two-year contracts, and you weren’t allowed to upgrade to a new phone until your contract had expired? Of course, upgrading to a new phone required a new contract, and the cycle continued. Cell phone carriers have now predominantly done away with contracts in favor of charging customers the face value for phones while letting them switch devices more frequently, a true sign that customers today crave flexibility and immediate agility.

This is very important for network security, because no business wants to “lock in” with a particular technology or channel without room for change and growth. The right managed IT service will provide protection juxtaposed with the ability for dynamic growth and change.

Less Can Be More

Network security must be stringent and carefully implemented, but there can come a point when security measures become so complex that it actually hinders business progress. For example, impossible password policies that result in all passwords needing to be recorded on paper, thus defeating the purpose, or file sharing too cumbersome to actually work, thus demanding the need for use of a dropbox or email account, again defeating the purpose of security efforts.

The solution is not to change the technology itself, but to change the policies using managed IT services. With the right strong technical leadership, modern and effective policies can rule the day and ensure that all work is done in the most secure way possible.

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