The Technology Nightmares That Occur Without Managed IT Services

We live in a do-it-yourself world, where Pinterest and the DIY Network offer inspiration to help people complete projects on their own to save money and enjoy the reward of appreciating the true value of an accomplishment. But when it comes to information and technology in a business, DIY really isn’t the way to go.

When a small- or medium-sized business attempts to handle all of its technology independently, the office or business manager usually ends up becoming the go-to person for technology issues. This sidetracks him from his real responsibilities and loads him with enormous amounts of stress on a daily basis. Below are just a few examples of how business life without a managed IT service can prevent a company from reaching its potential.

Debilitating Stress

An office manager has many jobs, but playing the technology wizard for the entire company shouldn’t be one of them. When a manager is left to troubleshoot unresponsive email accounts, track down missing documents, set up new workstations, get the printer online, and wait on hold for 45 minutes with the Internet company, there is no time left in the day to tackle the rest of the company’s top priorities such as training employees, meeting with clients, and arranging budgetary guidelines. At the end of the day, far more money is lost in lack of productivity than would ever be spent on a managed IT service.

Accidental Damage

Business managers are nothing if not problem solvers, so even if they don’t want to be the default tech guys, they try their best to solve the problems at hand. This means they learn just enough about IT to be dangerous, but not enough to fix the root causes of existing problems. They may interrupt important networks, take the company offline, or any other number of truly unintentional mistakes. Again, a company can’t function on all cylinders when its IT infrastructure is so inconsistent.

The easiest answer to all of these problems is to hire a managed IT service that will take care of every facet of IT from start to finish, allowing the business manager to finally get back to his daily duties.

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