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Why Server Maintenance Is One of the Best Investments for Your Company

Have you ever noticed what happens to a home that’s left vacant? Weeds grow. Dust accumulates. Unwanted pests move in. The roof will eventually leak and give way. The same can be said for your company’s servers if you’re not giving them the necessary regular server maintenance they require.

The negatives of skipping regular server maintenance are not something you’ll notice immediately. It may even slip your mind, until that one thing happens. And when it does, it won’t be as harmless as dust accumulating. It could be much more sinister and expensive to your business. If you’re not watching your server you can be assured someone else is.

What Is Regular Server Maintenance and Why Does Your Business Need It?

Server maintenance programs keep the server updated and running efficiently, 24×7. It takes the worry out of your IT services and ensures your organization’s computer network is operating smoothly. Without regular service maintenance, you run the risk of outages that could be very costly to your business.

Here are some of the many benefits of regular server maintenance:

  • Regular review of network performance and application of server diagnostics. Potential problems are caught and fixed early before they turn into complete shutdowns.
  • Potential security risks and vulnerabilities identified before they become entries for hackers and other malicious actions or cyber crimes.
  • Backup procedure verification so that it is always performed the right way in an efficient manner.
  • Immediate and reliable update and patch applications for bugs. Regular performance of these activities cuts down on vulnerabilities.
  • Regular application of utility programs.
  • Disk usage monitoring.
  • User account maintenance such as adding new hires and removing ones who have left your company.
  • Extended server and software life since service becomes a priority.
  • Timetables that ensure all activities are performed on schedule and efficiently.
  • Cost savings from not employing a team to handle it in-house. A high-caliber team that is on-call 24×7 is expensive. A server maintenance plan with an IT services management company can provide greater protection for fewer dollars.

The Benefits of Selecting Server Maintenance as Part of Outsourced IT

When it’s your crew handling server maintenance other business objectives and activities often get in the way. Small and medium-sized businesses frequently require their IT team (if they have one) to wear multiple hats. This means the same person responsible for server up time at the company may also be configuring computers for new hires.

Very few smaller companies have the luxury of dedicating someone to the server all day, every day. The benefit costs of doing so are often prohibitive for the value you get. The one time you use that computer engineer at 4:30 in the morning it’s worth it, but for most businesses outsourcing server maintenance is a much more cost-effective solution. Managed IT companies are concerned with your server’s performance and your IT security and won’t be pulled off of that to help a manager figure out what his password is after a vacation.

If you’re looking for a cost-effective solution for server maintenance, it’s time you look outside of your organization. Make server maintenance a top priority and contact us today at 813-649-7762.

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